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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Expanding my Aquaponics System

I picked up a lot of great ideas at the Aquaponics Association convention.  Now I have to decide which are best for my limited space.  I plan to float an extruded styrene raft on top of my fish tank.  It will provide shade for the fish in the open part of the tank as well as providing some nutrition for the koi I plan to use instead of fish that I could eat.  As a semi-vegetarian my protein needs are better met by my 4 hens.  Furthermore, the regulations on growing fish for food in Utah create an insupportable cost factor ($100 dollars for a license).
  I plan to integrate horizontal growing trays for lettuce and similar herbs like I saw at Green Sky Aquaponics and 'The Land' at Epcot.  I will plumb them with a hose so I can move the wheeled table on which they stand in order to move from place to place in my greenhouse. 

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